Monthly Challenge Guidelines.

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Monthly Challenge Guidelines. Empty Monthly Challenge Guidelines.

Post by EevHyll on Tue Dec 30, 2008 2:09 am

Challenge Guidelines

  • Entry Guidelines

    • To participate in this competition you must be a member of the Dark Hunter BBS!
    • No Animated entry's.
    • All entry's are to be sent to the B.A.M Moderator running the Challenge VIA Private Message.
    • They must have ALL outlined requirements specified in the monthly challenge specs, in order to be submitted into the competition or stored on the B.A.M Graphics Showcase Forum.
    • If an entry does not have items we will PM you back before the deadline to ask you to make amendments. So PLEASE PLEASE double check your entry's so we don't have to spend our time PMing back and forth. Pleas note you MUST NOT change your original creation, only add what is missing...
    • When you PM your link, please endeavor too credit where ever applicable ie: for brushes, textures, pictures etc...
    • Once an entry is entered there are no DO'Overs.
    • Deadline date - We will not be using a specific date, because we are all on different Timezone. At the top of each Monthly Spec posts, Jules and I will place up a poll which will be set roughly between 20-25 days from the first post.

      To find out a specific date, according to the timezone you have set in your options for this board... You will find the closing date of EVERY poll where I have highlighted in blue. Click the picture to view Full Image.

      Monthly Challenge Guidelines. Deadlinedate-1

  • Voting Guidelines

    • We will be changing this rule and doing this in one of two ways...
    • 1) If there are less than ten entrys we will put them up on the DH board for ALL DH members to vote.
    • 2) If there are more than 10 we will have a total of 13 Judges..
    • 10 of the judges will be chosen at Random by B.A.M Administrators from the DH Board.
    • 3 Will be core judges who will vote every month and cannot enter the next months competition...
      1 - B.A.M Admin
      2 - A DH Moderator
      3 - The Previous Months Winner
    • Each will be given a special user name and password to access this board
      and will vote via poll on this board. Which will be open for 7 days.
    • Please note that if you are chosen to vote it is not compulsory to do so, which means the vote tally may differ.
    • After the poll has finished we will change the password and choose 10 more judges.

  • The Winner

    • As of March 2009 comp, we will be asking each previous months winner to create a winners Avi for the next month's challenge.
    • The winner will be required too choose something to be put into our next challenge. ie - font or an applicable theme.
    • Will also win the right to vote for the next challenge...
    • Important -The Winner will not be able to compete in the next months competition, but can participate as a noncompetitive entry...

  • Other Guidelines

    • There is to be no Critiquing of entry's once they are posted, you may comment and discuss the style or characters used but please use your common sense, if you have nothing good to say please keep it to yourself.
    • By entering this competition you understand that your graphics are up for public consumption as we cannot stop people from taking graphics from this board without consent.
    • Finally if you have any questions, complaints, or suggestions please address it to Moderation Staff Via Private Message .


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Monthly Challenge Guidelines. Empty Disclaimer

Post by EevHyll on Tue Dec 30, 2008 2:09 am


Please note we are not in anyway officiated with Sherrilyn Kenyon and the Dark Hunter World. Banners Anonymous was a concept which came to fruition out of a fellow members addiction too the Dark Hunter Characters and creating graphics.

It is the intent of Admin to provide a viewing platform and not a board for discussion of works. We do not claim ownership of any of the Graphics, Images, or Themes that are on this board. By entering our competition each contestant accepts that they and no one else are the sole creators of these works.

If any person has issue with regarding and image etc ... Please contact admin at...

Kind Regards
B.A.M Admin

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Monthly Challenge Guidelines. Empty Challenge Spec's Template

Post by EevHyll on Sun Mar 01, 2009 7:47 pm

You are requried to incorporate the following things in their challenge specs.

  • Type of Graphic
    *Magazine Cover, Banner, Avatar.
    *Size restriction.
    *title in your Font of choice
  • Overall Theme pretty self explanitory. This could be anything, from advertising an up and coming book, an email, newsletter or creating a fictional event within the hunter world.
  • Designated Hunter Group, and models. Of course you can leave this option open for the creators to choose.
  • Applicable titles, or quotes, in font of your choice.
  • Applicable emblems or pictures.
Deadline to hand in Monthly Requirements is when the Poll closes on each Monthly Specs.

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Monthly Challenge Guidelines. Empty Re: Monthly Challenge Guidelines.

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